Dead World Colony

by Til Rapture

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    1. Pressure Cooker
    2. Horrifica
    3. On Earth As It Is In Hell
    4. When Push Comes To Shovel
    5. Dead Eyes Have No Reflection
    6. Bled New Life
    7. The Corpse Whisperer
    8. Madder Than a Cut Snake
    9. The Dreaded
    10. With Contempt
    11. Thou Shalt Not Love

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released December 1, 2014

Produced and performed by Til Rapture
All songs written by Til Rapture
Engineered by Antonio Hanna of Freefall Studios and Dylan Nash of Dash Productions
Mixed by Dylan Nash
Mastered by Mika Jussila of Finnvox Studios, Helsinki
Lyrics by Darren Goulding
Tracks 2, 4, 8 and 10 backing vocals by Tom Doy
Keyboards and samples by Nick Vassilev
Logo by Cain R
Artwork / layout / photography by Dean Sheridan and Sarah Hope



all rights reserved


Til Rapture Sydney, Australia

Til Rapture is a band not restricted by any sub genres or trends. We instead strive to push the limits of our own creative ability and musicianship, and create music that holds powerful meaning to us.
The band’s music is an explosive blend of melodic death metal and thrash, full of substance and feeling, with songs that capture catchy, aggressive, melodic hooks and contagious grooves.
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Track Name: Pressure Cooker
setting your fire free, dive into feeling

Verse 1:
gold tooth rats trapped in a sonic web
this need will feed dead life, suck dry this possible dream
igniting the senses, setting your fire free
it releases you, it introduces truth, life amplifies through you
it will raise you high, fixing what needs fixing inside

this noise will make you move
turns the volume up on you
it informs you not reforms you
schools you through life, more than schools do
it will shed dead skin for you, gives taste back to you
feeding you truth, it informs you, not reforms you
schools you through life, more than schools do
Track Name: Horrifica
Verse 1:
a total lapse of common moral understanding
it just seems so wrong to me
it's so piss weak, bleak is the hour of this dark time
a darker rhyme muttered down the phone line
express, decline, dead out of time, earth's gasket blows
a septic wound left unsown, letting us corrode

so grovel in shame, face this blame
flames of disgrace, fuelled by a rage insane
a nameless face, eyes full of rage
killing our today, which way to be saved

freeze frame, time with no place
one step away from never walking away

harm is the harvest
all life forms discarded
bare the tragic scars horrendous
no medicare or science can ever mend this
piss on the back you stab, world wide smash and grab
forked tongues can't relax, tall tails tripping on acid tabs

Verse 2:
just open wide as bloody hands reef so tight
your tongue tied in razor wire, a bloody sight
death votes no confidence, poisoned by consequence
rotten through from the root to the fruit, sets out to execute all of you

war drunk monger
stumble as you play host to the big sleep
Track Name: On Earth As It Is In Hell
Verse 1:
take a life
is it acceptable
is it excusable
life gets lost
in a grave frequency
so easily
life hangs in the balance
from a rope form a tree
life dangles, feet dancing
the onlookers fill up with glee

life bleeds so cheap
a spectacle of red, come and see

ohh heyy

Verse 2:
look at them gather
they scurry like ants
just meat sack pedestrians
drawn in by the colour red
headlines feeding zombies
cameras zoom in so the carnage can't hide
as life steps over the dead
cause life just won't spare time
they'll come from miles around
to see some person put into the ground
only the macarb can draw a crowd
so entertaining the mob cheers out loud
death in full view, come gather around

hopefully someone will bleed
people in pieces as they cue to see
Track Name: When Push Comes to Shovel
Verse 1:
now eternal winter of discontent
murder made glorious, summer bloodshed
frost bites deep past unwillingness of the skin
death draws blood from a stone, its will digs in
sweetest revenge is an arctic revenge
problem solving is species cleanse
swept memories to the forgotten and dismissed
just like dust that settles, no candles lit

nothing more septic, nothing more empty
nothing more hectic, nothing more dead
then never seen again

to kill a king on his very throne
deaden everything and burn his home
then salt the earth so nothing can grow
to kill a king, to kill a king on his very throne

Verse 2:
this end has to be heaven sent
just real life collecting a past due rent
a savage demise treated with mild neglect
so nothing becomes of it again
cold as stone is a callous mind
to be cruel is the human kind
do you need a doctor or more a priest
to pray over your body that was found in the weeds
Track Name: Bled New Life
Verse 1:
well i'm so highly strung, i don't want to take it
fragile state of mind, i just want to break it
cold and complex, you are so full of it
derogatory mouth, you're just a bitch

I severed your ties, severed every last string
re-sharpened my knife, and i severed again
I severed your lies, severed through to the end
disheartened inside, I bled new life

Verse 2:
hideously self absorbed, in your own insignificant world
caught up in the crossfire of a mental civil war
hostile shouts of negation, volatile bouts of vexation
it's time i turned my back
before i rage with retaliation
Track Name: The Corpse Whisperer
you only see synthetically
how do you sleep?

Verse 1:
like a de-sexed cat
you mince and prance
tippy-toe through anti social fire
barefoot gift wrapped in barbed wire
piss ain't idiot embarrassment
all association dismemberment
cruel is the usual punishment
whatever was there, you soiled and you rubbished it

I piss on your trip and fall down memory lane
or should it be a trip and fall down memory blame

what a sham, what a shame
a shame to love and to hold
what a life, what a waste
the corpse talking poison you sold
what a time, what a mind
moronic ideology, no apology
what a crime, what a knife
you're just a frontal lobotomy, you only see synthetically

Verse 2:
this must be believed
the who has no self belief ain't free
can't see
that less is useless and fruitless with no reprieve
burn red hot, till white hot
a third degree learn
inside you is derelict, a soul synthetic
get shivved to the wrist then twist and turn

just a rodent vermin, you're nothing
can't cop your lot
you've gone right off like rot
play with guts, are in knots
Track Name: Madder Than A Cut Snake
Verse 1:
a cold change request, thrash goes the ice pick
the frenzy would tension, stressed, the full effect comes up next
the dead weight to wreck, hit the deck
sink like lead, stretch your neck
to the very end

won't you bring out your dead

Verse 2:
these cold dead lips, a witch's kiss
this bitterness whispers a hiss
panic shiver, shape shifter
below zero prison

how can they learn if they have no heads
common artery bled
wrong bet, dead set
or is it force fed, bring out your dead
Track Name: The Dreaded
Verse 1:
wow, damaged scars deep hurts indeed
internal bleeding flooding me
born of bloodstained streets where harm feeds
where purity and innocence are refused to breathe

they can not breathe
the unreal takes place
love displaced or misplaced
beyond belief such a secret grief kept so safe
now a quiet deafening, a violence so violent
the rest bled out in a death like silence

bleed out dry, dissolving light, bleed out dry
bleed out dry, dissolving light
bleed out dry, dissolving light, bleed out dry
when you bleed out dry
it's just the dreaded stench of the end left drawing flies

Verse 2:
senses desolate, dead is this curse
in a spiral traumatic turn for the worse
sewer this world in turmoil
riddles rotting putrid in a pin striped suit
lost mans truth a prelude
this non existence is the deepest wound
suffer this cross in silence
through dusty veins still bleeding through

life blood dries why
life blood dries
so loud is the silent cry
recycles life, into the next life blind
why life blood dries
so loud is the silent cry
recycles life into the next life blind
Track Name: With Contempt
dead time story!
treat yourself with contempt
as you lower your person again and again
to fathom such depths you must dive
deep and low, ahh so low
so crippled you buckle of a morning as your horror world sleeps
in a bed of nails sharpened by your own trembling hand

dirty ways
unkept and rotting
in total disrepair
to room left to care

embrace perils caress

Verse 2:
just dealing with it isn't the question, NO
but questioning what you're really dealing with is a need you condition
grinding teeth rot, restless, sleep lost, dead skin crawling
sweat soaked sheets drenched through with withdrawals
it's a dead time story

lets dance to their screams
a little two step celebrating agony
we waltz to sickness and misery
like a disco to your dead celebrity
inebriate profile, desecrate instinctively
press release, more like press decease, have you believe
just this way out back to the hanging tree

bath in tears
hurt washes clean the burden of caring
fall through thought pleading with demons
when seeing becomes disbelieving
and what your mind leads you to believe is sinister and deceiving

minds weaving treason, with front row eating
souls harvested and sold as savage cuisine
cut up lifetimes served raw and eaten
Track Name: Thou Shalt Not Love
it's there always, it's always there
a grief that never sleeps

Verse 1:
crown of thorns dig so deep
its pressure it applies, wounds hide a crime
revealed in time, now not safe at night
sleep in fright, expose a wrong, boil it right

Verse 2:
text book hopeless poster child
your chest tightens, this emptiness widens, anxiety cold and most vile
slapped silly by tragedy, rag-dolled to pieces, left scattered around
touched by a hurt that will leave you with a permanent ringing sound

so loud
so step in to step out, can't stand fast
fear feeds, a dark shadow casts
hold true to a love that holds out so harsh
so no holds barred

can't have a heart, ripped out at last
can't have a heart, not allowed

Verse 3:
left emotionally baron, a mental wasteland, stricken by doubt
a darkness that will simply drown you out
voices drenched in static, the warning, what's looming and marking its ground
it sets its will to hurt, all your love is haunted and buried deep in the ground

no moral compass guide, the way we lose
so lost is the way, a tragic path choice to choose
no release, never to be released, never to be free
this monster can not rest while you breathe